The front are stock shocks and springs from a can-am commander.

The rear are stock shocks from the same model commander but with high lifter springs for that commander. The only modifications required were bushings and sleeves to fit for the rear shocks only.

polyurethane T bushings by size

Bushing number 2056, 8 of them. They don't come in metric, only standard. They are roughly 24mm OD but need to fit in a 23mm ID shock eye. It's a tight fit. Inside of the bushing is 14mm ID.

STEEL PRECISION TUBE 14mm OD x 300mm LONG 1mm WALL by RB3offroad 

Loose bottom knuckle bolt and remove top knuckle/a-arm bolt to gain room to access. Remove stock Honda shocks, push the stock bushings out of Can-Am shocks using a large and small socket in a bench vice. Then push the new bushing into the shock eyelet using the included grease and a bench vice. Place a socket on one end of the shock eye to push the bushing through. Then grease the 40mm long sleeve and push that into the bushing in the same manner. They will be a tight fit, push hard and use a good vice. 

It will look like this when finished: 

The new bushings will stretch and be approximately 40mm after being pressed into the shock eyelets so they make a hard fit into the shock mounting points. Some "persuading" with a small crow bar, hammer or screwdriver and I was able to get them into place. If need be you can always spread the mounts slightly. To bolt the knuckle back in on top you'll have to compress the shock a bit by either lowering it onto something or jacking the bottom of the knuckle up then slip the bolt through.