How We Got Started!

RB3 combines over three decades of machining and racing.  We are a locally owned and provide custom manufacturing.
Bob as a young boy was introduced to the machine shop surroundings by his family business. He learned machining, metal, glass and engineering. Went on to be a successful business man in Syracuse, NY with MGI Products.
Bob has always had a passion for off road racing, in the 1980's Bob started racing his Honda 500. He raced places throughout Arizona and New York etc... With his machine shop experience and engineering, he learned how to tear down and set up his bikes, finding ways to enhance their performance. Later his inspiration passed down to his 4 boys. They raced in the AMA Races on the east coast, which they went on to Loretta Lynn. Bob built their bikes and made them faster. He later started riding on his ATX Honda 450 and his newest venture is his Honda Pioneer 1000. Performance is everything on or off the track!!!!!