The pioneer 1000 shocks are a great upgrade for any 700 owner, it will give you a better ride quality and more ground clearance to tackle those rutted out or rocky trails.

Here’s what you need:

  1. 4- P1K front shocks
  2. A set of RB3 bushings (for the front only) SHOCK SLEEEVE KIT FOR HONDA PIONEER 700 W/ 1000 SHOCKS
  3. 2- 14mm wrenches
  4. 2- 17mm wrenches
  5. A rubber mallet
  6. 1- long screw driver
  7. 2- jacks
  8. A grinder

Install time 1.5 hours

Step 1: Jack up the front of your Pioneer and remove the wheels to gain access. Then take two 14mm wrenches and remove the upper and lower shock mount bolts.


Step 2: Use an adjustable wrench to lightly spread the bottom shock mount tabs.

Step 3: The set of shocks that will be used in the front will need some grinding on the bottom factory shock bushings in order to fit the lower shock mount tabs. Make sure you evenly grind the bushing material for best results. You will also need to grind down the RB3 bushings as well, I set them in the shock bushing and then used the grinder on them to keep them even.

Step 4: After finishing step 3, you are ready to install the front shocks. You will need the 4 bushings for the front shocks only. Torque your shock mount bolts down to 32 ft lbs and put your wheels back on and torque them to the proper setting: 98 ft lbs for steel wheels (base model) and 80 ft lbs for aluminum wheels (deluxe model)

Step 5: Jack up the rear of the Pioneer and remove the wheels for access. If you have a-arm guards installed they will need to be removed as well. Use two 17mm wrenches to remove the upper and lower shock mount bolts. Remove the shocks and then use two 14mm wrenches to disconnect the upper control arm from the hub. You will need to use a long screw driver to push the bolt out. Install the new shocks and torque the bottom mounting bolts to 47 ft lbs, unless you add some sort of spacer to take up the slack on the top mounting tabs you should do these by feel so you don’t push the mounting tabs into the upper shock bushings. Use your second jack to lift the hub up so you can reinstall the upper control arm and torque the mounting bolts to 32 ft lbs. Your are now ready to install your wheels and torque them to the proper setting (see step 4).


You are now ready to ride!